hitchcock architects ltd

Church Road, Ashford

Client Private
Dates Planning submitted February 2021. Following amendments Planning granted September 2021

Planning application submitted for 2 x semi detached 1 bedroom dwellings in the centre of Ashford.

Care was been taken to meet the national minimum standard dwelling sizes, maintain sufficient private amenity space, and ensure the neighbours are not adversely impacted by loss of daylight.

Following consultation, Hitchcock Architects submitted a revised scheme for 1x single storey 2bed roomdwelling as the previous scheme was deemed overbearing.



72CRA - 07 proposed south and east elevations.pdf 72CRA - 05 proposed block_roof plan.pdf 72CRA - 06 proposed floor plans.pdf 72CRA - 07C proposed south and east elevations.pdf 72CRA - 05C proposed block_roof plan.pdf 72CRA - 06F proposed floor plans.pdf